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Charlie Hannington, Account Executive
Charlie Hannington


Specialist protection for treasured collections.
Putting a value on the invaluable, and protecting the priceless.

Providing insurance for pieces that are unique and irreplaceable is a sensitive and extremely specialist service. Lockton Private Clients is highly experienced and skilled at devising insurance solutions for  precious pieces - your treasured unique works, your priceless pieces of art, items of great sentimental value,  your antiques, collector cars, jewellery, books, coins, stamps, wine, musical instruments: Everything that you consider invaluable.

Benefits to you

  • Your cover will be custom-designed to suit your individual requirements - with a policy as unique as your collection
  • Basis of settlement to suit your needs – replacement (if available), monetary, repair etc
  • In the event of a loss, we'll go beyond just protecting you financially. We also work directly with an elite team of risk management specialists to protect your treasured collections from loss or damage. We use collection preservation consultants, do disaster recovery planning and advise you on security at home and whilst travelling with items if value
  • You'll be put in touch with specialist packers, shippers and leading art management systems to keep track of your evolving collection
  • We only work with world-class valuation specialists, so your collection will be evaluated so it is insured appropriately and accurately

What's covered

  • Worldwide all risks cover against physical loss or damage.
  • Cover whilst in transit.
  • Agreed value for specified items.
  • Automatic cover for new acquisitions.
  • Restoration cover plus depreciation in value following damage.
  • Protection for collections while in storage, on loan or at an exhibition.
  • If any item which has an increased value because it forms part of a pair or set is lost or damaged, any payment insurers make will take account of the increased value.
  • Defective title cover available.
  • Death of an artist coverage available, offering cover in excess of the listed insured value.

Why Lockton Private Clients

Protecting precious and important collections, from modest personal collections, to significant global ones of great national or international importance, requires a special and carefully crafted policy by an expert in the field. At Lockton Private Clients, we have a wealth of expertise in designing risk solutions for valuable collections. Our aim is to help you avoid loss and damage and potential heartache through proactive risk management. 

Our innovative solutions are custom crafted to give you flexibility and a minimum of fuss and intervention on your side. Our account managers are trained to work closely with you - a personal and direct port of call for all of your protections needs. They'll offer a seamless, discreet service with an implicit understanding of the importance of your passion. 

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