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Emma Thomas, Account Executive
Emma Thomas

The comfort of a luxury home that's perfectly protected. 
We cover prestige properties – from city dwellings to country retreats and holiday homes – in the UK and overseas.

The places you call home are often the most valuable assets you own – not just in monetary value but in the deep personal connection you have with them and the memories they hold. We specialise in creating bespoke insurance programmes for clients who need more than 'one size fits all'. For Lockton Private Clients, no clients' requirements are the same. Everything we do starts with building an understanding of what matters most to you.

Benefits to you

  • Convenience. We work to simplify and where possible reduce the number of policies you have and aim to achieve a common renewal date
  • Our insurer partners are carefully selected based upon their understanding of the needs of Private Clients and their ability to offer flexible, often specialist, solutions
  • The policies we offer are market leading, broad in coverage offering high limits and we aim to make them as warranty free as possible
  • Most solutions come with a free home appraisal that will calculate the rebuild cost of your home, verify your contents sum insured and provide invaluable risk management advice
  • Our policies have the ability to cover all types of asset from the buildings and contents of your home to your fine art collection, the wine in your cellar, the watches in your collection and even your garden 
  • Certain policies can also include your motor vehicles providing a single portfolio contract for all your personal insurance needs

What's covered

  • Buildings – UK and overseas (territorial limits apply)
  • General Contents covered worldwide, including students contents
  • Fine art & antiques
  • Jewellery & watches
  • Collectibles such as books, stamps and wine
  • Home office equipment
  • Public Liability with generous limits
  • Employers' liability for your domestic employees (gardener, housekeeper, nanny etc.)
  • Automatic cover for new acquisitions
  • Alternative accommodation costs are covered if you need to relocate due to a claim

Why Lockton Private Clients

Because your property portfolio is extraordinary, we craft your policy from scratch, rather than finding an existing solution and making it fit. We take a 'drains up' approach, taking into account every foundation and detail of your home to hand build a policy that you can feel completely secure with.

We have always taken a risk-focused, consultative approach – working with you directly to achieve the best possible cover to suit your individual needs.

We offer our Private Clients a dedicated Account Manager who understands your passions and the world you move in. They'll be the person you need to call if you ever need to discuss your property.

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