Lockton Private Clients were delighted to invite all watch lovers and collectors to our webinar in conjunction with Bonham's Global Head of Watches, Jonathan Darracott. Bonhams is a privately owned international auction house. Founded in 1793, it is one of the world's largest and most renowned auctioneers of fine art and antiques, motor cars, jewellery & watches.

Whilst the current lockdown has affected a number of collectables more so than others, the web-based market in respect to watches has held up both in interest, and volume of transactions. Online auctions have seen record registrations with pricing remaining consistent with certain brands, whilst the pre-owned market is currently witnessing robust demand worldwide in this highly competitive marketplace.
From an insurance perspective, we also discussed the risk management of collections, how best to approach insuring a collection and wearing advice.
In our 40 minute webinar we covered practical guidance on:

  • How the market has changed in the last 20 years, now similar to a commodity with relevant price adjustments happening on a weekly basis
  • An update on the market, UK, US & Far East – where is the current/future demand
  • What is collectable, where do you start or when do you sell
  • Current and future trends, what is being bought around you
  • What to avoid
  • Brands – for example, why the appeal of Rolex

If you registered onto the webinar, you can listen to the recording here.

If you didn't register, get in touch using the contact details on this page and we can give you access.