It appears that one positive to come out of COVID is a welcome and much needed boost to the UK domestic tourism industry, with reports that many are planning a staycation in 2021. Despite an often well-deserved reputation for, shall we say, inconsistent weather during the summer months, sales of motorhomes in particular during the latter part of 2020 were reported to have reached levels significantly higher than a year previously.

Caravan sales are also reported to be similarly buoyant and whilst overseas tourism into the UK looks set for a gradual return to normal, it is clear that many are considering exploring more of the UK.

Motoring-themed holidays also look set to be popular, with many enthusiasts planning 'that' road trip.

Of course, all of these plans rely absolutely on the continued reduction in COVID cases and the country heading towards the anticipated relaxation of lockdown measures, culminating with a return to pre-lockdown normality in June.

In terms of travel insurance, a survey by comparison giant www.moneysupermarket.com in 2020 revealed that almost half those asked did not have cover for UK holidays, believing it to be unnecessary.

The most relevant area would be cancellation, as medical expenses cover and that for delayed travel, in particular within the UK, is of less relevance. You should also check your home insurance policy to make sure that any belongings you take with you are insured whilst away from the home. Many of us take more baggage when staying within the UK, as there are no restrictions on the weight or number of bags compared to travelling by air in particular – as many will testify when packing the car with every last soft toy and loading bicycles precariously!

Items to consider might include bicycles, jewellery and watches, phones and tablets and even your clothing. You may also want to think about cash for those all-important ice creams and seaside funfair rides – check that your home insurance policy both provides cover and with limits sufficient for the items you are taking away with you.

Likewise, if you are planning a road trip, consider any limitations relating to items left in the car during your trip. Sadly, thieves have become ever more brazen in recent years and it is all too easy to forget that something valuable may have been left in an unattended vehicle.

With regards to cancellation cover, the responses from insurers have varied. Some are providing cover including COVID related claims and others have removed completely or restricted the amount of cover within their policies.

If you are in any doubt, then please contact us and we will be happy to guide you further.

Whatever your plans are for 2021, we hope that you manage to find some holiday time, whether in the UK or further afield; it is safe to say that we are all looking forward to spending some time away as much as you are!